Jamie Wake 2014 Independent Candidate for Whitley ward in the Reading Local Elections
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    April 16th, 2014jamiewakerdgwhitley

    At the last Reading Borough Council Traffic Management Sub-Committee which took place on 13th March, 8 requests for Waiting Restirctions withinin the ward were recieved.  They are:

    • Dovecoat Road – Requested by resident via Ward Councillor – Concern about footway parking and parking at the junction. Request for waiting restrictions to resolve current issues.
    • Chagford Road – Requested by resident via Ward Councillor – Request for no waiting at any time at the junction and restrictions to deter footway parking
    • Copenhagen Close – Requested by resident via Ward Councillor – Concerns with dangerous and inconsiderate parking outside the Community Centre and around its junction with Swallowfield Drive. Request for no waiting at any time to resolve parking issues.
    • Gilette Way – Requested by Business – Request of waiting restrictions review to deter inconsiderate park
    • Longship Way – Requested by Resident – Request for no waiting at any time opposite parking bay which is causing difficulties for vehicle access
    • Whitley Wood Lane – Requested by Residents – Complaint of vehicles parking near speed cushions that forces larger vehicles to bump over the speed cushions rather than straddle them. Request for no waiting restrictions to protect the speed cushions. Requested by Affinity Housing – Vehicles parked close to the private access causing visibility issues. Request for waiting restriction to improve visibility pulling out onto the main road.
    • Whitley Wood Road – Requested by Residents – Vehicles are frequently blocking private accesses to go to the shops near the corner of Northumberland Avenue. Request for restrictions review to resolve this issue which is causing residents a great deal of inconvenience. Requested by Reading Buses – Request for a bus stop clearway in the layby opposite Engineer’s Court.
    • Staverton Road Area – Requested by Housing (via previous review) – Further investigation required.


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