Jamie Wake 2014 Independent Candidate for Whitley ward in the Reading Local Elections
  • 2014 Election


    Elections 2014

    The Reading Borough Council Local Elections will take place on 22nd May 2014 and I am proud to be standing as an Independent Candidate in the ward of Whitley.

    I live in Whitley and I am a strong, committed and experienced campaigner for local issues.

    I also stood in the 2011 and 2012 local elections and I will continue to campaign for local issues as not only do I live in Whitley and therefore best able to understand issues in Whitley, I will continue to listen to everyone and find ways in which I can be accessible to everyone. I have been, and will always be, honest and transparent and will never hide anything. I am hard working by nature and I will champion all of our causes, issues and concerns. This is OUR Whitley and If you want someone that can share that passion for our local community then I hope that you consider helping me campaign for all of our needs and work with me to resolve issues here in Whitley.

    Think all Campaigners are the same?  Let me tell you why I’m not!

    What I have done

    Chairing Kennet Island Residents Association, the team and I challenged the developers appointment of a Clamping Company than penalised residents.  A fairer alternative scheme was found.

    Developers build houses not communities so as chair of KIRA, the team and I worked to create community spirit by organising Social Events such as Carol Concerts as well as the successful May Day Celebration on the central piazza on Kennet Island.

    Passionate about creating a sense of community, I helped KIRA secure a £2,500 grant for the purpose of creating a Social Club and focal point for residents.

    During the bad weather, the KIRA team and I negotiated with developers to lay grit and clear snow so residents were able to move about safely.

    In 2012, I led a successful campaign against Hallmark to scrap a proposed ‘Pet Tax’ charged to anyone who had a pet on Kennet Island.

    I’m proud to be Local and Vocal!

    What I will do

    I will continue to listen to all residents in Whitley and make sure that I am accessible at all times whether it be through face to face, telephone, email, Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

    I will represent the rights and needs of Whitley if and make sure that my voice is used for the benefit of Whitley residents.

    I will continue to help improve facilities here in Whitley for all members of the community.

    What I won’t do

    I won’t spend my time and energy pointing my finger to assign blame to anyone and I will not be attacking other people or political parties.  This is wasted time and energy that could and should be used to deal with our issues here in Whitley.  I stood and am standing again for Councillor to serve you and your needs – not my own.

    I am proud to not be like other candidates in Whitley.

    Don’t lose your voice – USE your VOTE

    Approximately 78% of people in Whitley didn’t vote in the 2012 Local Elections meaning that the Labour Candidate was only chosen by approximately 14% of people who live in Whitley.  Your vote gives you the power to choose what happens in Reading.

    If you are not registered to vote, you can find out about who can register and get application forms at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk

    Don’t lose your voice – If you truly want things to be different in Whitley and Reading, vote for it.