Jamie Wake 2014 Independent Candidate for Whitley ward in the Reading Local Elections
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    April 29th, 2012jamiewakerdgPlanning Applications

    While trawling planning applications to see what might affect people here in Whitley, I noticed that St James – the developers of Kennet Island – have submitted a planning application to change the use of what was the Dentist (Unit 9) on the piazza so that they can extend their offices.

    This time last year the dentist ceased trading.  It only accepted private patients and many people didn’t use it.  At the time, the Dentist flanked the Piazza alongside a Shop, Unisex Hair Salon and a Cafe.  Now we only have the Island Lounge, a residents gym (managed by Hallmark) and a shop which is trying to regain trust back from the residents.  A proposed Chemist was never completed and promised Cash Machines were never installed either.  Apart from the Island Lounge and the gym, the central piazza is hardly used.

    I belive that St James should be working with residents to identify amenities that they need.  St James should then actively pursue them.  The piazza should be a thriving central part of the Kennet Island Community.  A Surgery, Chemist and Dentist is highly desired by residents.

    Of course, any residents wishing to comment on this Planning Application can do so by visiting the Planning Portal at http://planning.reading.gov.uk and searching for 12/00625/FUL.

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    April 1st, 2012jamiewakerdgPlanning Applications

    A33 Casino Location Unit 7 Rose Kiln LaneAs many of you know, I make it a habbit of trawling through planning applciations to see if there is anything that affects the ward of Whitley.  In my search I have found a planning application (App no 11/01907/FUL) by Grosvenor Casino Ltd to change the use of Unit 7 Rose Kiln Lane (formally the Peter Green Furniture Store).  Technicaly its in the ward of Southcote but it’s proximity to our ward means its relavent to residents who use the A33.

    The proposal, to be discussed at the Planning Applications Committee on Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 6.30pm, is set as “..Change of use to a Casino including associated changes to the façade and extension to the entrance, extension of the existing mezzanine floor, erection of a smoking terrace and alterations to the car park…”

    The report to be discussed reccomends permission to be granted subject to consideration of a Screening Option and conditions to include:

    1. TL1 – Full 3 years
    2. AP1 – Approved plans
    3. Materials as submitted
    4. C5 – Construction Method Statement
    5. C1 – Limit on hours of construction and demolition – standard hours
    6. TR8 – Vehicle parking before occupation – approved plans
    7. Car Park / Delivery Management Plan to be submitted for approval prior to occupation
    8. Travel Plan to be submitted for approval prior to occupation
    9. Bicycle storage to be submitted for approval prior to occupation
    10. Noise assessment for plant to be submitted for approval prior to occupation
    11. Development in accordance with Arboricultural Report
    12. L1 – Landscaping details to be submitted
    13. L2 – Landscaping – implementation of approved details
    14. Bat survey to be submitted for approval prior to commencement
    15. LTG1- External Lighting to be submitted for approval prior to occupation
    16. CCTV scheme to be submitted for approval prior to occupation

    According to the report, reading Borough Council’s Licensing Department have confirmed that the following license have been granted for the operation of the building as a casino:

    • Gambling Licence – This allows a site to be used solely for a casino and permits the provision of gambling facilities 24 hours per day.
    • Premise licence – This allows music, a stage area, live performance and late night refreshment; the premise licence has been granted for these uses 24 hours a day, while the sale of alcohol has been granted between the hours of 10am and 6am each day.

    A public consultation was carried at 25 – 27, Cadogan House, Lex Reading, MVf, Matalan Rose Kiln Lane; Harveys, Rosebys, Magnet from Reading Link Retail Park were notified by letter, and a site notice posted on site. No letters of comment have been received.

    The report does remember that the “Racino” complex has been permitted on the former trail park noth of Island Road, opposite the Kennet Island Development.  But it also seems to forget how close that would be to the proposed casino!  Grosvenor casino has advised the council that the Casino Market has evolved, needing larger premises, and “…would not compete directly with the other existing casinos as it is a different type of casino venue with a different offer to the existing casino facilities, and would be in a different area of Reading…”

    I guess we live to see the similarities and differences between this planned Casino and the Racino complex.  It would bring new jobs into the area which can only be a good thing and thankfully, most casino users would use the facilities during the evening meaning an increase traffic would be unlikely during peak times.  Though with the addition of the Racino and the promxity of the football stadium, will the A33 cope?  I guess we just have to wait and see.

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