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    April 16th, 2014jamiewakerdgkennet island, public transport

    Kennet Island Greenwave BusThough it hasn’t been widely announced locally, there are currently road closures and diversions affecting the bus service from/to Kennet Island commecning from Wednesday 16th April 2014.

    According to Reading Buses, there is work being done to Gweal Avenue and from today until Friday 18th April, the greenwave buses and NightTrack N5 buses will not be able to serve the bus stops on the development.

    Reading Buses apologise for any inconvenience and advise the following:

    • For buses going towards the Green Park/Madejski/RIBP areas please use the temporary bus stop on the A33 sliproad south of the traffic lights. Buses will leave here two minutes earlier than normal time at Hilton Hotel.
    •  For buses towards Central Reading from RIBP/Madejski/Green Park areas and NightTrack N5 please use the temporary bus stop in Gillette Way close to the junction with Manor Farm Road.
    •  For the Central Reading – Kennet Island shuttle services please use the temporary bus stops on the A33 sliproad south of the traffic lights (leaving two minutes earlier than normal Hilton Hotel time) or Gillette Way near the junction with Manor Farm Road.

    Living on Gweal Avenue, I’m intrigued as to what work is being carried out!  I’ve not seen anything as of yet but will update when I have determined what the works are!

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    January 3rd, 2012jamiewakerdgpublic transport

    Until recently, I had the misfortune of commuting daily to London from Reading and I have read with continued interest of the bad service and fare hikes still being experienced by commuters who like me have had no option but to accept such poor service as the norm.

    I actually enjoyed my job in central London and even though I have spinabifida, I got used to the back pain encountered of never having a seat, getting bruised by train staff desperate to get bowls of rolls to First Class Passengers and regularly being trapped on the train outside Twyford with no explanation and then having to pay £10 to get a taxi home as the train never quite managed to meet up with the bus times!  Thankfully, those days are now gone following an accident where I sustained a Compound Fracture, reserved seats were never reserved and most times I was unable to get through the overcrowding in my sling to get to my seat.  The turning point was when I fell and bashed my fracture against a wall.  My complaint fell on deaf ears and I decided that I would have to leave my beloved job and take a pay cut and work closer to home – even though it took double the time to get there (it involved a mile and a half walk from the station to the office) the small benefit was the seat on the train!

    I’d obviously tried blocking those years of agony from my mind but came across a number of news articles over the last few days that brought it all back to me! The Reading to Paddington line is labelled Britain’s worst train service and from today fare hikes see an extra £256 going on top of the annual season ticket – no doubt much more than that will be going on top of the train lines salaries!  Many, like me, see little comfort in extra planned carriages coming in soon on a train which on average is already at times more than 300 people over capacity.  If First Great Western know that this line is over capacity and I must say at times very unsafe, surely a better solution should be found?  For example, a Fast shuttle train between Reading and Paddington would alleviate the pressure.

    I found this article on a website which I believe got it from the Guardian – its seems I’m not alone in my views.  Plus looking at the traffic coming to my blog from search terms such as “First great western tender” it seems others are hoping that a new train company comes in and dramatically improves the service.  well we can hope, can’t we?

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    November 23rd, 2011jamiewakerdgpublic transport

    Yesterday’s announcement to add extra carriages to a number of lines, including Reading, seems rather convenient. Whilst commuters should be overjoyed that next year they wouldn’t have their lives put at risk from the dangerously overcrowded trains, the announcement does very little to alleviate the distress the current capacity problems are causing to rail passengers and appears to only have been announced in readiness for the forthcoming tender – something First Great Western have admitted would benefit the tender application.

    As a commuter, I have been subjected to 2 years of standing in a train and when you have spinabifida it leaves you uncomfortable and in pain. This has recently been brought home to me following an accident where I have sustained a compound fracture in my left arm. This has left me off balance to I reserved seats on the trains. Sadly, I have rarely managed to use these reserved seats. The train is usually too overcrowded to get to them – if they have been reserved at all. I have suffered indignity trying to squeeze my way through commuters whilst protecting my arm and then have to beg the person sitting in my reserved seat to allow me to sit. If I had greater mobility problems, I know that this situation would be even more difficult and we have recently seen in the press the treatment a Reading passenger recently experienced whilst travelling in a wheelchair. I recently fell on the train whilst being forced to stand and I’m sure this hasn’t helped the healing process.

    I have raised a number of complaints recently and all have been met without resolution. Declassifying first class has not been met enthusiasticly and I am continuously told that they can not afford more carriages – and yet the fat cats above are still receiving their bonuses I’m sure!

    I wait to see how last worst western do in the tender process but for the sake of Reading, I hope an alternative rail company succeeds and makes the difference the routes needs.

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