Jamie Wake 2014 Independent Candidate for Whitley ward in the Reading Local Elections
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    September 6th, 2011jamiewakerdgdiscrimination, gay, homophobia, it gets better, lgbt, lib dems

    20110906-155748.jpgAs a member of Reading Lib Dems, I was proud to join them on the Reading Pride parade this saturday to demonstrate the parties commitment to equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Every main political party in Reading was represented on the parade and all exhibited on site at Kings Meadow Park.

    I was extremely pleased to have the opportunity to launch the OK 2B GAY campaign which is a campaign to support Reading’s youth so they know it’s ok to be gay. Video messages of support were recorded and can be found at www.ok2bgay.co.uk.

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    June 23rd, 2011jamiewakerdggay, it gets better, jamie wake, lgbt, lib dems, stonewall

    Well visitors to my blog will know that I have been involved in fighting discrimination against LGBT people in Reading since I moved here.  I was involved with the Reading Pride Charity from its infancy and I continue to support their work.  I also support the work of Stonewall who recently have been filming well known LGBT people as well as politicians to lend their voice to the “It Gets Better…Today” campaign. 

    The High Profile Internet campaign was started in America by Dan Savage in response to the rise in suicides amongst LGBT Teenagers and just a quick youtube search will show you how many people internationally have recorded their piece to camera.  I was moved by some of the messages to young gay and lesbian teenagers so I recorded my own piece in the hope that we can reassure young LGBT people that it gets better today.

    I have also set up a Facebook group and am currently approaching Group Leaders of Political Parties and infuencial people in Reading to record their own messages of support for young LGBT people in Reading. 

    Here is my youtube video:

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    Well, bloggers all over Reading have given their opinions and analysis of the Reading Elections and put forward theories as to why some parties did well and others not so well.  Some say that many people in Reading were using their vote to protest against the coalition nationally whilst other talk of dirty campaigns.  Unless we’re knocking on voters doors to ask, I guess we’ll never know the real reasons why and I’m sure that we’d get a multitude of answers too.

    What is clear from looking at the turnout, is that the public are still disenchanted with local (and national) politics.  In Whitley for example, the average turnout has been around 25%.  I was pleased to see an increase this year to 30% but I’m still keen to see why 70% of Whitley residents chose not to vote?  That will be my pet project over the coming months.

    I don’t want to over analyse the results here in Reading.  For those who didn’t know, I came 4th with 140 votes with the Labour Candidate, Kelly Edwards, winning with over 56% of the vote.  I wish her well and I hope that she puts the needs of Whitley before her own political career.  I also hope she considers moving into the Whitley ward.  That way she’ll be able to understand Whitley a lot more. 

    A lot of residents here have approached me to tell me that they voted for me and one told me that regardless of the result, I am still a winner because I’d been making differences locally and then went out and tried to make a difference by standing for council. I will still continue to make a difference here in Whitley and time will tell whether I get selected by my local party to represent them in next years election.

    My views have not changed.  I still believe that the Lib Dems are the best political party that can make a difference both locally and nationally.  I still agree with Nick and I still say Yes!  I also believe that there’s too much time wasted on blaming people and being negative rather than getting on with the job in hand.  I’m proud to be a Lib Dem.