Jamie Wake 2014 Independent Candidate for Whitley ward in the Reading Local Elections
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    September 7th, 2011jamiewakerdghealthcare

    We’ve heard a lot of discussion from the Labour party about the necessity for trying to save the NHS and as I’ve been listening to these discussions, I’m surprised that no one has looked at where the NHS is failing and needs saving from itself.

    Today, there are vigils outside the Royal Berkshire Hospital taking place to highlight the campaign and as usual, it will be used to score points politically. I just hope it’s remembered that a hospital is a place for the sick and dying and the vigil does not obstruct patients or visitors unnecessarily.

    To give an example of why I feel the NHS is failing, I have a compound fracture in my left arm from an accident I had recently in Bulgaria. I had a titanium plate put into my arm etc and i’m in quite a lot of pain. I arrived in the hospital at midnight and within half an hour to 40 minutes I had had x-rays, been seen by a consultant and placed on the ward where I was given medication to control the excruciating pain that I was in. I’ve now been repatriated back to the UK and after finally managing to get an appointment with a local GP, I was referred to a fracture clinic to have my arm checked over and have physiotherapy arranged. It’s now been two weeks and I haven’t heard anything so I thought i’d find out where we were with getting an appointment as a delay to the physiotherapy would likely cause complications with my arm healing. The clinic had no record of a referral and called me back to ask me to be the go-between! I’ll make that call in the morning.

    When I tried to register with the GP, Maureen the receptionist could not have been ruder. We were told by one receptionist to come in at 2pm and when we did, Maureen informed us that we were inconveniencing her as it was busy. We explained that we would need an urgent appointment and were told that it would be after she had entered my details onto the computer – if she had time! I was not impressed.

    I appreciate that front line staff are under a lot of pressure, but they need to ensure that the care they are delivering is person centred and within the principles of care. I believe that reforms are needed but with maximum dialogue with all staff. Reform also needs to be devised by those on the front line – radical I know but surely they would know best? I know that people think that the NHS will end up being privatised but private profit making companies are already commissioned to work with the pcts! Sometimes, it’s a lot more economical to do this.

    I may not be as experienced as my fellow campaigners in other political parties, but I have common sense AND I work in the care industry – in the private sector! I’m also an individual trying to access services within the NHS. So if someone out there does find my referral, make sure it ends up in the right department!

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